Understanding Buddhism, It Can 't Be A Religion Essay

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Understanding Buddhism
“Buddhism, it can’t be a religion.” one might say. Before getting to understand Buddhism I saw people just meditating calmly sitting in peace, all I thought in my head was, what a boring life they have. I wasn’t open-minded of why they were doing these things. This last year though, I have been told to try meditating to calm my nervous and mind down, since I was having so many problems with stress. After meditating a few times a week I saw results of my anxiety. After the third section of meditation, I looked forward to it, since I always felt at ease after wish a following of wonderful sleep. With experiencing what I did I grew an interest in wanting to understand what Buddhism was. I had known idea what they worshipped but from the point of view of wanting to learn I saw them more know was at peace with themselves. Before I started an interview to find out about Buddhism I looked up and read some things about it. First thing that shocked me over all was that there is no God or gods. I question for a second in my head if I was reading it correctly, but I was. It is a very psychological religion, very mind based.
The person I interviewed to get more of an understanding in Buddhism is named Wichaya Pienchob. We were both siting in are bed rooms, but on totally opposite sides of the country. How I got to get in touch with him is I asking around if anyone know any Buddhist, my friend told me a guy he went to St. John 's Northwestern Military Academy years

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