Understanding the Proper Way to Treat the Disabled

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In the world today, there are billions people with some kind disability that affect their lives. Unfortunately many communities still have ignorant views toward the disabled, which leads to discrimination and injustice toward the disabled community. The impaired community is made up of people who now live with a physical impairment, or a mental disability. Respect the disabled, they have rights that belong to them just as anyone; have courtesy, living with a disability does not mean being less capable, with the hardships that has faced the disabled community, they definitely deserve the same courtesy as anybody else. Be understanding, though they should be treated “normally,” realize that the disability has a toals on them ,offering a helping hand is also very appreciated. Being handicapped does not stop anyone from being treated without dignity and respect; maintain the same respect as shown to anybody else, be courtesy by acknowledging the disability without causing a scene , but also be understanding, that they do have a disability that does have an effect in day to day life, these reasons are morally and ethically the right way to treat a human with a disability.
“Different” is how many members of the disabled community, are viewed and treated, but this does not mean that they do not deserve the same respect as everyone else, and being treated as outcasts has a major impact in the disabled community. The members of the handicapped community are just like anyone
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