Uneasy Feelings In The Raven

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Have you ever felt an uneasy feeling about a character in a book? In Edgar Allen Poe’s short story titled The Raven the main antagonist gives an eerie feeling. The narrator to whom has no identity, had claimed he liked this mysterious raven at first. Soon the narrator had more of an uneasy feeling, and he wanted it to just leave. The unity of effect from this ominous poem is perturbed. The narrator explains in Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven that he had been filled with terror like no other, another time was when he stood in the shadow pondering in complete silence and darkness fearing what would come to him, and when he explain what he saw in the Raven, which he explains it as a foul with fiery eyes.
To begin with, the narrator tells the reader that he has felt a fear he never knew was possible. In the exposition of the story he states, “ .. filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before” (Poe S3). This citation explains how something created this terror inside of the narrator that we will soon meet. I can infer that he was in a defenceless position, due to the fact that the narrator is filled with fear. When someone is defenceless it’s normally because they fear the thing before them. This also brings me to a tremendous point, is the story a figment of our narrator’s imagination or is it reality? In the exposition of the story the narrator …show more content…

The raven symbolizes the burden he is faced and it must be heavy as he can’t shake this memory. To conclude, I explicitly explained that the story had a perturbed or uneasy feeling due to the fact that he was holding onto something like an eagle clutches its prey. One question i’m still left pondering is simply this, if Lenore was still alive, would this dream ever occurred as a nightmare or would this unsettling story never have

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