Unemployment Issues Of The United States Unemployment

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Unemployment Issues in the United States Unemployment is one top issue that our government faces on a daily basis. Many people are being unemployed as we speak. Even though the government is trying to take a lead on this major issue, the rate of unemployment is just too high. Why I feel strongly about this issue is because many of us continue to search for jobs daily and still no reply. There are many reasons behind being unemployed and those reasons are little issues that the governor himself can fix within a year or so. We are still jobless, the minimum wage is too low and most of the jobs that pay well always ask if one Spanish.
Searching for a job can be very stressful when someone is not the right candidate for the job they are applying for. Many Americans look for jobs each day and still no one will call them and say, “Hey Daphne you’re hired.’’ Being unemployed without a job can be a big stress when individuals have a family to feed and bills to pay. “With the unemployment rate falling to 5.3 percent, the lowest in seven years, policy makers are heaving a sigh of relief” (VentureBeat). Most of us are still jobless because nowadays they are replacing computers to do the work for them instead of hiring someone without a job. ‘’Robots have largely been seen as machines that perform routine, repetitive, cognitive actions. However, machines are already replicating human capabilities” (VentureBeat). For example, if anyone goes to Walmart and target they have self-check out…
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