Unethical Behavior : Medical And Pharmaceutical Discovery

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The race to make significant medical and pharmaceutical discovery has become more and more intense over the past century. It becomes a great temptation for some ambitious scientists to steal and claim unpublished data as their own or to unfairly use them. Although sharing unpublished data allows researchers to communicate their ongoing study with the peers, through which they may gain very valuable opinions, such data are supposed to be confidential or be used with permission from the researchers. Furthermore, the scientific researchers need to be fully credited and recognized their contribution to the unpublished data. Unauthorized use of the data or failure to give full credit to important evidence is considered a serious infringement of scientific ethics [1]. One of Such unethical behaviors is handing unpublished data to the competitors, to which the research group may lose its race and the possible research grant and honor. Another unethical behavior is claiming the unpublished data as one’s own without giving credit to the researcher who creates the work. In this situation, the researchers are unfairly treated and they don’t gain their deserved credit. Such misconducts harm the scientific community as well as the development of science. This paper discusses the ethical issues raised from unjust use of unpublished data, in hope of bringing more awareness to such issue. In the end, it proposes some guidelines to deter the infringement. Writing research report to

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