Unforgiven Film Techniques

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Unforgiven is an incredible movie directed and produced by Clint Eastwood. Clint Eastwood also plays the lead role as William Munny. Unforgiven revolves around a pig farmer who has long retired from his outlaw and killer ways; however, due to the daily struggles of the west, Munny needs money to support his children. Unforgiven is relevant to the class due to our studies of the settlement out west. The three literary devices best captured in Unforgiven are setting, plot, and characterization. The first literary device Clint Eastwood effectively captures is the setting in Unforgiven. The most notable is the opening scene. In the opening scene we see Munny digging the grave of his late wife Claudia. Her grave is placed under a single tree as …show more content…

As we know, Munny is a “known thief and murder, a man of notoriously vicious and intemperate disposition”. Now out of practice, Munny has become a poor pig farmer. He has two children with no means of taking care of them. One day, The Kid put an idea for easy money in his head; however, it would require him to return to his old ways. Munny decides to take the job anyways and head out with his partner, Ned, to kill two cowboys for money. The climax of the movie occurs when Ned is killed and Munny sets on the destructive path to avenge his friend’s death. Ultimately, Munny does avenge his friend’s death by killing the sheriff Little Bill. In the conclusion of the ending scene, we learn that Munny has returned to his ordinary life. He currently resides in San Francisco were he has prospered in dry goods. With an effective plot, Eastwood is able to captivate the …show more content…

The protagonist of Unforgiven is William Murry. Murry’s values stem from his late wife Claudia. With Claudia’s help, Murry has turned from his murderous and drunken ways. Now that Murry is left to fend on his own, he has decided to return to his old ways. He feels guilty because Claudia would not want this, but he feels that he must do it for his children. Murry reflects on his old ways and feels guilty. Ned tells him that he is not like that anymore and to no worry about it. Ultimately due to Ned’s death, Munny begins to drink and returns to his murderous ways. With the effective use of characterization, the audience was able to sympathize with Munny, due to the death of his wife. The audience also felt apathy once he returned to his old

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