Unguarded Gates And New Colossus Analysis

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Analytical Breakdown of Unguarded Gates and New Colossus Ellis Island, the portal for immigrants to access a developed, prosperous land, the United States of America, and seek opportunity that would they would otherwise not discover in their home country. Opened in 1892, the island was the gateway for foreign people across the globe to enter salvation from their native country. With this new structure set in place, Americans had mixed feelings on immigration. The two conflicting ideas of immigration in this time period can be demonstrated through two poems: “The New Colossus” by Emma Lazarus and “Unguarded Gates” by Thomas Bailey Aldrich. While both literary works highlight the ideal “American dream” and personify the Statue of Liberty, they differ in the fact that they have different points of view on immigration. In “The New Colossus” and “Unguarded Gates” both authors illustrate America as an advantageous place oozing with opportunity from every direction. The method that Lazarus uses to do this is by describing how grand the entrance into the country is. She calls Ellis Island “the golden door,” which makes the reader infer that there is a grand and beautiful country on the other side since there is a grand and beautiful entryway (Lazarus 14). Due to the the entrance of the country being represented by gold, this implies there is a vast amount of wealth available. This would attract immigrants to the United States because they search for a better life for

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