Unions Of The 1872 Trade Union Act

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Ever since the 1872 Trade Union Act, many labour unions were alienated because they were categorized as a conspiracy against normal operations of business (Krahn, Hughes and Lowe 334). This act was significant because it laid the constructs of unions that we have today. Unions enabled workers for the first time to shed light on what was wrong, and and how they were able to improve conditions in their workplace. Before unions, many employers took advantage of workers by threatening their safety, and giving lower wages with longer hours because it was more profitable for the employer. Workers would want to join unions, because they offered job security, better wages, benefits and rights to the workers. The purposes of these unions are too provide workers with a sense of not being alone, and being able to make a change. Workers tend to feel that they have no control over their jobs, workers joined or formed unions to instigate a change which would increase control between workers and corporations. One of the reason why unions are very important is because unions promote job security. Job security is very important to an average Canadian because it shows us the probability of a person becoming unemployed. If unions provide higher job security it would allow people to have less concern from losing their job. If a person does lose their job for whatever reason, unions usually have people in place to help you fight for that job back. With unions better wages and benefits are
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