United Kingdom Changes

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Every area has evolved greatly since the beginning of time, whether it be minor events or major events, like battles, causing this change. Some of these advances are still visible in life today such as a government, religion, buildings, and artwork. Society, in general, has come a long way, but could one decide which major event impacted the area the most. The United Kingdom has gone through an enormous amount of changes which are results of major battles or change in leadership or king. There are three main battles in United Kingdom history: The Invasion of Britannia, The Invasion of Britain, and The Invasion of England. The first of many invasions into the United Kingdom was The Invasion into Britannia, done by Rome. This wasn’t the …show more content…

Thus, the king role would be used for many centuries following this invasion, but this would not be true for loyalty within the community. Britannia may have been peaceful prior to invasion but was not unified, the counties did not have any loyalty to each other which ended up being a weakness. The Romans took advantage of this weakness they would then “Divide and conquer: buy off the Celtic kings that could be bought, use them as allies to destroy those who resisted” (PowerPoint). After the Roman’s took over the British were more unified since they were all under one rule. Which lasted for many years until Britannia was invaded by the Anglo-Saxons, after that there was no loyalty to each other. The Romans also altered their religion, the British went from a sun god to God. Romanization was also known as Christianization because all areas Rome conquered became Christian. “Christianity survived—to play an important role a century later in the conversion of the Anglo-Saxons” (Roberts 21). It is even still today the main religion throughout most communities in the world. The Romans were very serious about religion, there are still churches and mosaics of God from this time period present. Buildings changed dramatically during Roman rule, from the exterior to the interior many improvements were made. “The architecture was classical,” they put “arches, columns, capitals, entablatures, and pediments” on the structures (Roberts 18). On the

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