United States Fight for Freedom

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The right of American freedom is most treasured because of past historical events which were highly significant leading up to America’s independence. The Boston Tea Party is considered to be one of the most significant events which led to the Revolutionary War. Some say if the Boston Tea Party had not happened, the Americans may not have made noteworthy historical data. Initially, the event of the Boston Tea Party only seemed inconsequential and rather rebellious, but it was actually the Americans first step towards having their own freedom. It all started with a group of determined colonist not wanting to pay taxes on goods and took action on three British tea ships. This act of defiance, and several key players, inadvertently lead to arguably the most significant act of America’s fight for freedom. During the 1760’s the British Parliament passed a series of acts designed to reduce the British national debt and to finance the costs of keeping regular soldiers on the American frontier. The most notorious of these was the Stamp Act of 1765, which placed a tax on almost every public piece of paper in the colonies, including: newspapers, pamphlets, diplomas, licenses, packs of cards, almanacs, and dice.1 Initially, because the French and Indian War had lasted so long and was the most costly, the Parliament figured taxing the Americans would help decrease their debt. Little did they know that this would only anger the Americans, and ultimately lead to the revolution. The

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