United States Marine Corps: The Spark of My Life

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Ever since I can remember I have admired the way Mother Nature conducts herself in that monumental struggle called life. At the very moment in which the spark of life ignites everything has an even chance to make it, or fail. And so it was with the United States Marine Corps in what proved to be a long hot summer for South Carolina, in the year 1966 Anno Domini. Just as Mother Nature lets the weak and infirm fall by the wayside so did that great bastion of the US Marine Corps, our appointed Drill Instructor, for he did not tolerate by even one degree, or part thereof, any form of weakness, nor failure. In his mind it was either live or die in that black or white military thinking, where shades of grey do not exist. Our Drill Instructor was not a reformer, nor was he in any way interested in the usage of neither psychology nor any other, as he called them, “Goddamn highfalutin college boy theories” as a process in the training of Marine recruits. He was of the old school era being a hard, intolerant, and rigid man, who by at times unwarranted force blasted a door open to gain entry then invaded a room with his presence like a grenade going off! It was claimed, possibly true, that the average 1960’s Drill instructor was born with a book nestling within his skull’s cavity, as an alternative to a brain. Had this presumed book been a wide spectrum encyclopedia of intricate knowledge, well then, it would have been a wondrous thing indeed. Unfortunately, the book in question
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