Unity And Low Lying Regions

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Genesis Miranda
English 3A Per 2
Junior Position Research Paper
December 22, 2016
Unity to End Global Warming
Islands and low-lying regions are being flooded and masses of native people have to migrate into higher areas. The natives from low lying impoverished equatorial areas are being faced with unwanted migration. The sea-levels are rising due to global warming, thus causing a chain reaction. The kiribati people who live in a low lying developing country have to deal with this issue every day. Little Anna, a girl who lives on the island, prays each night that when she wakes she does not have to deal with the rising water next to her home. She fears moving from her home and leaving everything she knows to decay. Her …show more content…

In Market based Solutions To Climate Change by Richard L. Sandor says “The data shows that the climate was getting warmer and more erratic”(689). People have known about the connection between carbon pollution in the atmosphere and the climate rising. But, it was not until recent years that climate change has been a concern. Global warming is a tragedy waiting to happen. Climate change is real and has costs of not only animals in the wild, but human lives as well. In Market based Solutions To Climate Change by Richard L. Sandor says “In the poles, pieces of ice the size of Singapore are falling off of glaciers”(689). Like a terrorist attack it will come suddenly, bringing fire, floods, and other natural disasters. Rising sea levels will cause a horde of people from impoverished communities and migrate into areas on higher ground. Therefore, climate change can be reduced by government involvement, alternative energy and control over greenhouse gases.
Alternative energy could play a significant role in contributing to a solution on climate change. In How to Break the Climate Change Deadlock by Naomi Oreskes the Article states “pollution from coal causes disease, damages buildings and contributes to climate change”(2). Having an alternative energy source would greatly impact the environment, it would eliminate the one of the main causes for pollution and in return the earth would revise itself helping the beings that

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