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Who what about when?
Unmannerliness is when people disrespect people because they feel that they are better than people they have a lack of respect or courtesy for others. They have no respect towards others because they think to highly of them self. This will inform you about race, religion and social ranking discrimination from points we have read about.
Although people in our society disrespect people of different beliefs, people do so because they need to feel better about themselves so they put others down. People think they are better than others because they are white or they believe in a different religion. “Hitler made it clear he will annihilate all jews before the clock strikes twelve” (Wiesel Pg 80). He does this because he thinks jews are the bad and pointless religion. He animus hates Jews. Hitler believes that jews are the low …show more content…

“When the white kids parents made them go to the white prom, they did that because they thought their kids were too good to share prom’s” (Prom Night, n pg). The parents didn't like the idea of a combined prom because they don't think blacks and whites should be together. “When Bob Ewell tries to stab Jem,and when he spits in Atticus Finch’s face”(Lee pg 359-376, Pg 218).He does that because he thinks he is better everyone else. He also just wants to step on people because it makes him feel higher in society than others.
People have spited blacks for a long time, like when we took them from africa to be are slaves “the scotsbural boys where they got acused of rapping the 2 girls”(n pg) they got accused because they were black and whites are always right. They were not treated fairly, but if they were they wouldn't have gotten charged with the death sentence. Durring to kill a mockingbird “Tom Robinson was accused of rapping Mayella Ewel”(Lee 16-17 chapter) He didn't rape her, her dad did and her dad beat

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