Unrealistic Body Images Essay

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In our society today, people would rather see what celebrities are up to than what is going on with our health plan. Watching the news makes us aware of the latest trend, new gadget, who’s in rehab, or who has an eating disorder. In the eyes of society, women like Eva Longoria, Kim Kardashian, and Megan Fox are the epitome of perfection. What girl wouldn’t want to look like them? Unfortunately, this includes most of the girls in the US. Through TV shows, commercials, magazines or any form of advertising, the media enforces a certain body type which women emulate. The media has created a puissant social system where everyone must obtain a thin waist and large breasts. As a society, we are so image …show more content…

Mass media has made the line between the delusion of perfection and reality awry. Media places extreme accentuation on obtaining the so-called body image. Society pays a significant amount of attention to body image, physical attractiveness, youthfulness, sexuality, and appearance. Many other countries argue that our country is based off of sex. After looking at the promotion of sex in all types of advertisement, can we really argue with them? The ideal body size we see projected on TV is about 5’7” and about 100lbs and wears a size 8. The average size of an American woman is about 5”4”, weighs about 160lbs, and wears a size 14; but, more than one third of women in America wear over a size 16. The problem of girls and women comparing themselves to the ‘ideal woman’ has progressed over the years. As the average size of American women tends to rise, the measurements of Playboy centerfolds and Miss America finalists are continuously growing thinner and thinner. As women grow larger, and beautiful women shrink their waists, it becomes more troublesome to have an image of yourself being beautiful.
Most women want to be known for being lean, tall, and beautiful. Women are often described by their physical traits rather than what she does or thinks. Should a woman be known for their sexy abdomen or her intellectual

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