Unusual Tactics by the United States in the Pacific War

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The war in the Pacific was unlike any war the United States had fought up until that time. They couldn’t use their normal ground attack tactics; they had to figure out how to win from above. Unlike in the European front they couldn’t move through and allied country to forge a ground attack against their enemy. They needed to find a way to hit Japan from the air with the added difficulty of the mainland being across an ocean from the target. Before any attack could be launched the U.S. needed supplies in the form of long range bombers. These bombers were extremely important in the Pacific Theater, without them the U.S. wouldn’t have beaten Japan.
After the surprise Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941 it took the United States until April of 1942 to retaliate. That was done through the Doolittle Raid. A group of 16 B-25 launched from the USS Hornet to conduct the first bombing on Japanese soil. Despite not having very much of a military significance the raid of Tokyo was a great boost to the moral of military and the public of the United States. It showed both Japan and the U.S. that Japan wasn’t out of reach and was no longer isolated in the Pacific. After the 1942 campaign it wasn’t until 1944 when the U.S. launched another bombing attack on Japan. At the beginning the War in the Pacific had a slow start, much of that had to do with the preparation it took to attack the enemy in a new style of warfare.
The Doolittle raid proved the need for a long range bomber.

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