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Once upon a time, I was a student ignorant of the issues plaguing our nation; issues such as abortion and a frightening scarcity of organ donors meant little to me, who was neither pregnant nor in need of replacement body parts. Today, I fortunately remain a simple witness to these scenarios rather than a participant, but I have certainly established a new perspective since reading Neal Shusterman’s Unwind several years ago. Unwind is a brilliant novel set in the near future following the United States’ second civil war, known as the Heartland War, in which the definition of human life was debated with fatal passion: when does life truly begin and when should it be legally permitted to end? Desperate for an end to the warfare, the…show more content…
Additionally, I find myself to be a probable candidate for the Arts Scholars program through a similar fascination with theatre: while I’m far from the artistically gifted person I yearn to be, I have enjoyed with the theatre since I played the lead in a disco-themed rendition of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Theatre is the greatest place for the athletically-incompetent, such as myself, to realize the power of a group effort: since taking part in the theatre I have found myself to be more empathetic of others. Through the Arts Scholars program I would not only find others who share my need to burst into song, but who also share this confidence in teamwork. Nevertheless, I believe that nothing represents me better than the Humanities Scholars program. In this program, my fascination with culture and community appear to be fantastically represented as well as my passion to serve: I have spent time over the last several years volunteering with children and animals, such as through my library’s Tail Waggin’ Tutors project, and it appears as though the Humanities program offers similar intriguing opportunities. Although several programs seem to embody fragments of myself, I’ve discovered through Honors and Scholars Day that only the Humanities Scholars program provides me, who until now has been indecisive in what I desire from college, a feeling of belonging and a plan for
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