Urban And Rural Psychiatric Disorders

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When comparing urban and rural psychiatric disorders, research has shown that residents of urban communities tend to suffer more from psychiatric disorders than their rural counterparts. In addition to environment, studies suggest that cultural differences and risk factors determine how these disorders are expressed, assessed and defined amongst different cultures. Previous psychiatric research also suggests that the trend of psychiatric disorders in urban communities is consistent on a global scale. The current study aims to further investigate the cultural factors which contribute to psychiatric disorders in the urban community. This study also aims to further investigate the risk factors previously stated, as well as, how these disorders are expressed by different cultures. The Urban and Rural Psychiatric Relationship: A Cross-Cultural Study Culture in this comparative research between Urban and Rural psychiatric disorders is the most significant term in the study. The study uses culture’s set definition of behavioral norms and values which every individual belonging to a particular group in society uses to establish an outlook of the world and determine themselves. The determining factors in this study included patients’ language, traditions, values, religious beliefs, moral thoughts and actions, gender and sexual orientation, and parent’s socioeconomic status. The basis of research in a cultural psychiatric disorders assessment, is the result of historical

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