Urban Youth Evaluate Strategies Of Surveillance

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“Anything Can Happen With Police around”: Urban Youth Evaluate Strategies of Surveillance in Public Places”
Almost daily, we turn on the news shows or tune in to our favorite radio stations and become engrossed in what is surely becoming a war against poor people, beginning with the battle against the blacks. It’s like watching a horror movie that never ends, or a foreign film with no closed caption quotes. How does one expect people to understand and how does one expect to be understood? Over the last year, America has lost several young men and women due to poor policing and or racial discrimination leading to racial profiling from a system everyone knows was built on institutional racism.
“Anything Can Happen with Police Around,” Urban Youth Evaluate Strategies of Surveillance in Public Places. This article was pulled from the Journal of Social Issues, and it addresses a growing discomfiture with minorities and law enforcement. The title itself identifies this oxymoron, as one should always feel safe with police and other members of law enforcement present. This article does not seek to address any specific issue or lend blame to any particular person or nationality. The Article presents the outcomes of multiple studies used in urban communities to evaluate strategies of surveillance.
The article sheds light because it gives examples of evidence that the city’s authoritative figures are causing friction with the youth in their society. A study by (Norris, Fielding, Kemp

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