Urine Toxicology: A Case Study Of The Lumbar

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DOI: 3/1/2013. This is a case of a 50 -year-old male climber who sustained a work-related injury when he twisted his low back while removing a palm tree with hooks.
The patient was subsequently diagnosed with unspecified enthesopathy, lower limb, excluding foot; and other intervertebral disc displacement, lumbar region. As per office note dated 4/14/2016, patient complains of right hip pain radiating to right groin and low back pain. Urine toxicology was performed in the office with pending results. As per appeal letter dated 5/7/2016, the patient experienced heartburn. As per visit note dated 5/12/16, the patient complains of right hip pain radiating to right groin and low back pain. The pain is constant, and moderate in intensity associated with weakness in the right leg. He rates pain as 7-8/10 on visual analog scale and reports medications provides fair relief. In addition, he complains of increased anxiety and multiple nocturnal awakenings secondary to lack of progress. He continues to ambulate with assistive device. The patient ambulates with cane favoring his left lower extremities. Examination of the lumbar spine reveals range of motion to forward flexion of 50 degrees, extension of 15 degrees and side bending of 20 degrees bilaterally. There is tenderness
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Motor strength is 4+/5 on right ankle dorsiflexion and right ankle plantar flexion. As per treatment plan, the patient was rescheduled and has a pending schedule for qualified medical evaluator (QME) process, a request for authorization for the medications was made for Tramadol 50 mg, Nabumetone 500 mg,
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