Ursula Dubosarsky's The Red Shoe

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The Red Shoe is a charming novel composed by the astounding author, Ursula Dubosarsky. The events and happenings in this novel date back to the 1950s. It describes the wars, the diseases of the citizens back then, and detailed descriptions of what it was like in those days and how people lived differently from how we do today. It shows a kind of "slice of life" story style directing to the three sisters in the story. The book suggests war and spies and the effect of the both of them on individuals and families, threats of the diseases and the sexist attitudes dealing with the fact that men had more rights than women back then.
In my opinion, I would rate the book a 2.5/5 as it really wasn’t the read for me. The novel had so much potential: three sisters …show more content…

The chapters and settings all seemed a bit too random and wasn’t really my cup of tea. Every chapter tells a different story and it was hard to link the full thing together. It takes a while to understand the concept. The newspaper articles were a great add and an interesting idea, but however does not fit it with the story, or otherwise was not put together very well. The book has many sad events and the entire novel seems to have a dark side. It is quite difficult to comprehend the book’s affairs as it does not have a storyline. The chapters make me feel like they were written arbitrarily and would need a long time to think about the book in order to know its true meaning. The author is trying to convey the idea of the 50s for the readers but has made it extremely hard to perceive, always adding in random and unnecessary lines for the characters that have no effect on the rest of the book. E.g when they kept referring back to the red shoe even though its not significant in the plot at all, but is only just a motif in the story. The readers may not be able to see how a red shoe from Hans Christian’s Andersen story can relate to the occurrences of the Cold

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