Use Of Language And Context Voltaire 's Candide Essay

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The narrative techniques, features of language and context Voltaire used when writing Candide tells us a lot about this book and what Voltaire was trying to achieve in writing it. Candide is told by a third person narrator who is not a main character in the book and is completely outside of the storyline. The title page of Candide implies that the book was found and translated by Doctor Ralph who is our narrator. This is a fiction created by Voltaire to distance himself from the book and to help the reader to understand the satirical nature of Candide.
Telling the story from a third person perspective allows the narrator to know all the thing the characters in the book do not. He is omniscience, knowing everything about the circumstances and the characters without being involved with them. This approach works particularly well in Candide. It allows the reader to stand back and see how disturbing the word Voltaire has created is. It also gives the reader space to understand Voltaire’s purpose in writing Candide without getting too caught up in the plight of its characters. It also really highlights how naïve and almost narrow minded Candide is as a character, especially where his philosophical beliefs are concerned. The use of the third person narrator really highlights the more unrealistic moments in the passage, for example:
“Candide, having served with the Bulgars, performed the Bulgar drill before the general of this little force with such grace, such celerity,

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