Use Of Light And Shadow By Niguel Barker

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It is more than his usage of light and shadow, or his technical know-how that makes his photography the best in the world. With a click of his finger, celebrity photographer, Niguel Barker captures a moment and conveys a story.
“If I’m shooting a landscape, I look at the clouds, and I look at the lights. How does it make me feel?...Or are there clouds in the sky that look gloomy like something’s about to happen like a storm on the horizon. You feel that, and as you’re looking through the viewfinder you try to find that and all of a sudden certain things pop out at you that seem more important or less important,” said Barker. He goes on to describe how he shoots a person, “What’s the story? What are you thinking? Are you being
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“I guess being the person that I am, I had always paid attention to the people I was working with, what that meant, and the kind of influence they were having on my life. I made a lot of contacts in this industry of fashion, and I liked it. I really did. I enjoyed the people. They were kooky. They were crazy. They were innovative, and they were genius and exciting. I didn’t want to give it up, so I thought, ‘Well, how about photography?’” said Barker. He spoke about how he enjoyed taking pictures since he was kid and had taken classes in high school and continued with, “Back then when I was a kid, there was no such thing as getting a degree in photography. Of course, now everyone who I hire has a degree in photography. They are all more qualified than I am.”
His first story went into Interview Magazine, but it was his second story that put him on the board. He did a story entitled “You’re So Vain” for Paper Magazine. It was originally meant to be one or two shots, but his enthusiasm and love for what he was doing turned into a fourteen page story and he landed the coveted cover.
Since that first monumental moment he has moved on to work with magazines from GQ to Seventeen and has shot many famous models and celebrities such as Tyra Banks and Taylor Swift. So after working with top models, what makes a good model? He responded with their ability to relax, be open, and spontaneous. “Like,

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