Use Of Setting In Edgar Allen Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart

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Analysis of Setting in Tell-Tale Heart Edgar Allen Poe uses the literary device “setting”, to create a dark tone in his story, “The Tell-Tale Heart”. The story uses about 5 settings: 3 of them are used often, like Mood and Atmosphere, the Time of Day, and Elapsed Time, while the other two are not common, like Locale and Population. They help the story a lot by making it spooky. Mood and Atmosphere in this story uses lighting the most. Evidence of this is when the Madman has his lamp covered in black, so that he can see what he is doing, but the Old Man cannot. The Old Man’s room in the story is pitch black at night, making it scary when The Madman enters. Also, the Madman hides near Deathwatches, a beetle that represents death. Time

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