Using Gene Therapy

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Gene is a relatively new but rapidly developing way to treat or cure people of certain diseases. Instead of using a drug or surgery to cure or treat someone they are using gene therapy as a way to insert a gene into the patients cells. If this technique works then it can be an amazing option for someone with a disease with otherwise no cure. Along with this new technique come many risks and dangers that question the ethics involved in doing this. Even though it is only still being tested it can be seen as a promising treatment option for many people. There are several different approaches to gene therapy. It can be used to replace a mutated gene with one that is a healthy one, Inactivating a gene that is not functioning properly or introducing a new gene into the body that can help combat the disease. There are so many benefits that can come from this new technology. So many people’s lives would be changed for the better and theoretically all genetic diseases could be cured by this new method. With all the great potential that it has, it also has many risks and dangers. From ethics to the financial side, there are many issues. Many people may be against it because you are changing someone’s DNA and that could be seen as “playing god”. It is a very controversial subject because you would be physically changing someone and the hand they were dealt in life. Not everyone would be onboard with this. Also who is going to pay for this expensive procedure and who will it be
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