Usps Strategic Plan

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The postal service industry is vast and diverse with different objectives, needs and services. The postal services sector collects, transport and deliver mail and small parcels; the postal service industry includes the activities of the National Post Office and its subcontractor’s. The major players in the postal service sectors are United Parcel Service. Federal Express, DHL and USPS. The postal service industry continues to be an important and expansive industry. Postal service industry environment has changed so dramatically; it is currently facing increased competition and technological change. The team main focus is USPS. USPS is responsible for providing prompt, secure, reliable and affordable universal delivery services to all states and communities in the United States of America. USPS operate under the United States of America Constitution with service obligation to provide mail services and using the infrastructure required to fulfill that obligation. USPS operates in an industry that is complex and uniquely beneficial to both the American citizens and the government. Due to the nature of competition that exist in the postal industry, facilitated by the constant advance in technology and diverse customer base and demands.…show more content…
The team will also examine the strength and weakness of the resources and capability of USPS to determine its competitive potential. The analysis will also include strategies developed to gain and sustain competitive advantage and if those resources are valuable, rarity, imitability and, organization. The team will also examine USPS cost leadership strategy, its source, cost and imitability. It is also imperative to review the product differentiation of USPS how they use distribution channels, product customization, service and support to their
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