Vaccination And Herd Immunity

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Vaccination and Herd Immunity: Personal and Public Health When I was younger, I always dreaded going for a checkup at the doctor’s office. Waiting around was boring and procedures were tedious. The worst part for me, however, was always getting shots. The needle scared me and the shot hurt. As a little kid, I didn’t understand why I had to get shots, and why I had to keep getting them year after year. I had no idea how important those shots were, and would continue to be. When I walked out of the doctor’s office after an appointment I left with more than a sore arm and a sticker. I walked away with a stronger immune system and a healthier future.
The immune system is an important and complex part of the human body, guarding it against bacteria …show more content…

Vaccines are instrumental for the wellbeing of entire communities. It’s much harder for a disease to spread if everyone’s immune system has built up a defence against it. The community protection created by a large number of vaccinated individuals is called herd immunity. Herd immunity is valuable to everyone, but it’s especially important for those who can’t be vaccinated. Those who can’t receive vaccinations due to medical reasons, like newborns and cancer patients, rely on herd immunity to stay healthy and safe .This is why those whooping cough PSAs urge parents to get themselves vaccinated against whooping cough. Newborns can’t get the vaccine, but are protected by the ‘shield’ that vaccinated adults create. Adults who aren’t vaccinated pose a significant risk to these babies, because whooping cough isn’t that detectable in adults and they can easily pass it on. Steven Weinreb, who underwent chemotherapy and depends on herd immunity, likens getting vaccinated to paying taxes; it’s “just another important societal responsibility.” …show more content…

As a politician, he has a demographic that he has to please in order to stay in office and continue his career. A defining feature of the Republican platform is the reduction of the federal government. As he shows in the rest of his article, that includes federal regulation of vaccines. His use of fear continues as he warns the audience that, by letting the government mandate vaccines, we are heading towards total loss of bodily autonomy. To speak out against government regulations of vaccines, Ron Paul attacks vaccines themselves. He is fear mongering in order to fulfill a political agenda. This is the kind of political backlash Omer Saad discusses in his New York Times Op-Ed. He credits the backlash against vaccine regulation to “intemperate comments by politicians, [which causes] some Americans [to] continue to view vaccines as an intrusion on their personal liberty rather than as a matter of public health.” (Omer) Omer’s solution is to create mandated education on vaccinations. This way people know the risks of not-vaccinating and removing “their children from the immunized herd.”

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