Vaccinations And Public Health : An Epidemic Of Yellow Fever Essay

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During childhood we are given vaccinations and as we get older we are given more. These vaccinations are to help our bodies protect us against various strains of diseases and viruses. Now in the twentieth century there are multiple crippling diseases that are almost if not already extinct. All of this is due to vaccinations and public health recommendations. To have the health system we have today we first had to create and develop public health, bring this entity into our decade and then continue to manage the framework to benefit the requirements of today’s health topics. Creating public health in America became prominent after the national capital had to be moved in 1793 out of Philadelphia due to an epidemic of yellow fever. Within the year of 1793 the city of Philadelphia developed its first board of health. (Turnock, 1997) This was one of the first public health boards and one of the first actions to call against epidemics. At this time the only weapon against disease that was in place was to isolate. Isolating the stricken patients or area’s away from healthy individuals was the only recommended tactic against any diseases. Within the creation of public health and the individuals that helped form it, we know today there were a few stand out gentlemen in the early developments. There were a few of these health pioneers that we still learn from. Edward Jenner, John Snow, and Edwin Chadwick are a few of the researchers we follow today. Jenner and Snow were able to use

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