Vaccines Are A Good Thing

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11 April, 16

Vaccines in Todays Society

Vaccine are a common topic in todays society, they are used in the medical field everyday and most people have had vaccines. Vaccines are used to prevent specific illnesses that the immune system might not be able to handle if not vaccinated. Most people assume that they are safe, and that they should be used by everyone, but is that really the case? There currently exists a debate over the safety of vaccines, and the possible dangers that they might pose. The debate consists of two sides, the Pro-Vaccine group, and the Anti-Vaccine group. The Pro-Vaccine group believes that vaccines are a good thing, and that we should use them. The Anti-Vaccine group believes that vaccines are a bad thing, and that we should not use them. Each group has their fair share of good points. In the standpoint of who’s winning that could go to the Pro-Vaccine group, they currently have more support in society and most people believe that vaccines are safe. But number do not always mean something is right, the Anti-Vaccine group can not be discredited just because they have less support. The Anti-Vaccine group has their fair share of valid points on the issue. The middle ground in-between these two sides is pretty clear, the option to opt-out of vaccines that might be mandatory, while would be a big win for the Anti-Vaccine group it still has yet to happen. The best solution would be to make vaccines mandatory in a way…

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