Vadim Torchillo. Mrs. Tucker . Honors English Period:

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Vadim Torchillo
Mrs. Tucker
Honors English; Period: 2
10 January, 2017

There’s many points of views on how loyalty is interpreted. Showing support towards one another, because of of the feeling of duty and love for eachother. Many terms such as love, friendships, and family relationships relate to it. Although all friends have their differences, loyalty overcomes the conflict between them and strengthens their friendship.

George is devoted to Lennie. Both of them grew up together and stuck with each other their whole life. In my literary graphic, George and Lennie are hugging, symbolizes that they are best buddies. George Is very devoted to Lennie. George grew up with Lennie and stuck with him his whole life. For …show more content…

Lennie loves George so much, that he considers him his brother. George and Lennie stayed to true to one another, attached, and devoted to one another.

The relationship between Candy and his dog, George and Slim, and Lennie, and animals acknowledge loyalty. For example, my literary graphic includes in a table with men around it talking about letting go of Candy’s dog. It symbolizes the conversation Crook’s dog 's age and how he suffers from his health symbolizes how Candy and his dog were glued together since he was a pup. Candy states ‘“I had him so long. Had him since he was a pup. I herded sheep with him. ‘He said proudly, ‘You wouldn’think it to look at him now, but he was the best… sheep dog I ever seen”’(44). Candy’s dog is loyal and obeys Candy throughout his whole life. Candy has always wished the best for his dog. In addition, my literary graphic contains George mentally force to kill Lennie, this symbolizes, George not wanting Lennie to go through pain that Curley would put him through, “Slim came down directly to George and sat beside him, sat very close to him. ‘Never you mind… a guy got to sometimes’”(107). Slim knew that George knew that the right thing to do was let Lennie go, and the consequence Lennie would have if not killed by George. He Stayed beside George for moral support. Slim knew who’s gun he had in all, but agreed with George. For instance, in my literary graphic Crooks was to stay in the barn, this symbolizes, because he’s black,

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