Vagueness In Law Enforcement

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As a member of the law enforcement community, I see where “vagueness” and “due process clauses” play a significant role in keeping the justice system moving in the right direction. In law enforcement, we utilize the fact that some laws are vague in definition. If there is a person of interest in a vehicle that needs to be identified. A street savvy police officer will need to find some probable cause to get that car stopped so that they get that individual or individuals identified. That could mean a traffic stop for not having the proper lightening over your rear license plate or straddling the center lane. Those are traffic violations that the average person is unaware of, but a reasonable person would be. Many times in law enforcement you have to be creative in your tactics. Even with those types of creative tactics, the founding fathers still had the public in mind when they created the Constitution and the branches of government. For those reasons and others makes laws that are too vague unconstitutional. For receive a sanction, an individual must know that there are regulations in place that prohibit that particular conduct. Therefore punishment can not be executed because…show more content…
There is another portion of the due process in the 14th Amendment which regulates the actions of the state. This clause is put into place so that a person’s right to life, liberty, and property, will not be deprived. Due process is procedural in nature and provides safeguards making sure the and has the right to be tried by a jury, have access to a lawyer and the ability to cross-examine a witness.The creators of the Constitution wanted to make sure that limited government authority will be the glue that holds the due process clause constitution together for the people of this country. The substantive law principles with particular power for the government are in the 1st, 2nd, and 8th
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