Valley Forge: A Young Boy's Future

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Both Wes’s were going on to bigger and better things, both with huge changes going on in their lives and looking at the light at the end of the tunnel things are looking up for both of the young boys. The author is attending valley forge a military school with strict rules and stern leadership to keep kids in line and teach them about growing up and it shows as Wes has started to mature into a well taught well behaved educated high schooler and is being scouted by many colleges for his athletic ability just a few years ago Wes’s future was not looking as bright as it is today. Wes’s clear cut goal at the time was to continue his studies at valley forge till he made the choice to get into the military a goal he set for himself to serve and protect his country something only a couple years ago he would have never dreamed of trying to help another person that he didn't know.
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