Value System In Beowulf

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Many cultures have their own way of determining the status of a person by a value system. Although, the value system of the Anglo-Saxons in the Middle Ages is quite different than the value systems of today. The value systems, most people know, determine status by how much money or how accomplished an individual is. This is similar to the value system explained in the epic poem, but there are just a few differences. The value system is determined mostly by the heroic code, in which the main character in the epic poem, Beowulf, shows many of those characteristics of the heroic code that a warrior knight, of that time, followed. The heroic code also helps exemplify the culture of the Anglo-Saxon in the Middle Ages by explaining the emphasis the Anglo-Saxons put on their admiration of men of outstanding courage.
In the epic, Beowulf, warrior knights are defined by a value system in which their heroic code and status are determined by the amount of monsters they have slain. That statement is further explained in Chapter Four of Beowulf. In which, Beowulf explains to Hrothgar why he has come to the Danes’ and why he is worthy enough to stay and battle Grendel to keep Hrothgar and his people safe. Beowulf explains: “I drove five great giants into chains, chased all of that race from the Earth. I swam in the blackness of the night, hunting monsters out of the ocean, and killing them one by one…”(lines 419-424). Hrothgar was convinced by Beowulf’s speech and emphasis on his own

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