Veganism Persuasive Speech

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We have so many problems in our world today, but none of us want to address them because the solutions are not easy for some people. A problem our world faces today is obesity. Obesity could easily be cured by becoming a vegan. Another reason I have for the world to go vegan is the slaughter of animals. None of us would allow our dog or our dog’s puppies to be taken away and then slaughtered, so we shouldn’t kill any animals. We shouldn’t get to decide which animals get a happy life or which animals get their throats slit. The last major issue the world is facing today is global warming. Leonardo DiCaprio found out global warming is real by interviewing scientists who had found proof of global warming. One of their answers to global warming was becoming a vegan. The pollution set off from dairy and meat farms is so immense that producing them is hurting our world. To stop the obesity of the world, the slaughter of animals, and the global warming crisis, everyone should go vegan. The percentage of obese people in our world is insanely high. According to Fox News Health, they say that “over one-third of our population is obese,” (“30”). There are many different ways to fix this problem but the best way for …show more content…

I stated a way we can solve obesity. If we care enough about animals, we will stop the slaughtering and torturing. If we think global warming is an issue, then we need to stop eating animals and animal products. If we want our legacy to live on and for this world to still be here for the rest of time, then we need to change our ways. We need people to step up and start showing the world how we should treat our planet and animals. This isn’t an easy transition for most people, but if we want our planet to be healthy again we need to take this into our own hands. Becoming vegan is a very good solution to the eating habits of mankind, the killing of innocent animals, and global

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