Vehicle Observation

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On Sunday 01/22/2017 at approximately 0236 hours, I, J. Farmer responded to the intersection of 36th Ave and W Beach Blvd for a two vehicle accident. Upon arrival, I observed a bronze colored Kia SUV stopped in the left lane of W Beach, and Green Jeep Laredo stopped in the right lane. I also observed the Jeep had damage to the front left corner, and Kia had damage to the front right corner. As I was arriving, I activated the blue emergency lights on my patrol vehicle, I stopped my vehicle and exited it. As I was exiting my vehicle, I observed the Green Jeep Laredo leave the scene, and drive west and W Beach Blvd. I then followed the Jeep in my patrol vehicle while having blue emergency lights activated, I observed it was displaying, Ms …show more content…

I then made contact with the driver, a black female who stated, she did not have and ID, but her name was Tiara Thompson, DOB 12/14/1986, and SSN 394-92-7152. While speaking with the driver, I observed, she had glassy blood shot eyes, slurred speech, and the smell of intoxicants coming from her person. I also observed a passenger, later identified as Greatta Bridges DOB 05/01/1977. I then instructed both subjects exit the passenger side of the vehicle due to the driver side door being damaged. After the subjects exited the vehicle, dispatch advised the drivers information was not coming back with a record through MS or through RMS. After Questioning the driver again about her name and DOB, she gave a DOB of 12/14/1987, which also came back no record. I observed while speeching with the driver, she was stumbling and using the vehicle to steady herself. While speeching with the driver, I observed a MS ID card on the driver floor board of the vehicle, after looking at the picture, I noticed it was the driver's ID card. The name on it was Tierra Tunstall, DOB 12/14/1983, I ran it through dispatch and determined the driver did not have a valid driver's license. Tunstall then volunteered to provide a breath sample on a portable breath tester, the breath sample yielded positive for intoxicants. Also while speaking with Tunstall, she stated she did not have valid insurance, and the tag not did belong on her vehicle. Tunstall was taken into custody and placed in the back seat of my patrol

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