Vendor Managed Inventory System

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In order to fully and efficiently utilize our proposed vendor managed inventory system, we have performed extensive research of numerous hardware and software configurations. Among the many obvious requirements of the system are cost, scalability, compatibility, and ease of use. Some methods for consideration are outlined below.
• Cost - In order to keep costs down, we have decided to utilize the Internet. Vendors would be responsible for providing their own computer system in order to access the VMI. Our role would include maintaining a dedicated server, supplying software, and providing access.
• Scalability - In an effort to apply forward-thinking, we are recommending a system that will provide all of the functionality and …show more content…

This process will involve these steps:
1. Unpacking the equipment .25 hours
2. Verification of shipped materials against packing slip .25 hours
3. Racking the equipment. .50 hours
4. Configuring equipment setup. 2 hours Total 4 hours

For the VMI project it is recommended that the vendor be able to log into our system through a Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPN will give the vendor secure access through our firewall. Once they have logged into our network a java applet will be pushed to their desktop. When this applet is run it will install Oracle 's JInitiator on the vendor 's machine to allow them access to our Oracle Application database. JInitiator is an Oracle plug-in which Java applets, including the forms applet; is executed from. The vendor will use this applet to access custom forms, reports and charts detailing current inventory levels and consumption history on our Oracle system. Figure 1 The vendor will assigned a vendor

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