Victarion's Concept Of The Banality Of Evil

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genuine evil its place in a story. We want it in a story and we want to see it defeated. Victarion’s kind of evil, however, is more annoying than formidable. Victarion epitomizes the famous concept of the
“banality of evil” coined by Hannah Arendt. It’s the antithesis of the dark, mysterious Luciferian evil that’s simultaneously alluring and dangerous and that Euron stands for.
In the last part of this profile, I want to progress to another question that’s probably even more interesting: What does the future hold for Victarion Greyjoy? What can we expect from him? He could, of course, simply be reined in by Euron and continue to be his puppet, but that would not make for a good story, would it?
The biggest mystery to solve in that context is Moqorro. What role does he see for Victarion? Is he …show more content…

And if so, will he continue to be? Or is he simply one more puppet master pulling Victarion’s strings? Are his goal’s the same as Melisandre’s? How much are all red priests on the same page? What does Moqorro think about Dany?
In the end it comes down to a simpler question: Whose man will Victarion Greyjoy be? Will he be
Euron’s man? Will he be R’hllor’s man, or Moqorro’s version of R’hllor’s, for that matter? Will he be
Dany’s man? Or will he finally be his own man?
I am pretty sure that he will tear the strings that bind him one way or another. He will end the second siege of Meereen one way or another. And he will make his move at Dany. I am under the impression that most people think that he has no chance whatsoever at marrying Dany. I am not so sure. It would not be without precedent. Is Victarion so much different from Khal Drogo?

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