Victims of Persecution and Muder in the Holocaust

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When the single word of holocaust is mentioned, it reminds us of the horrible genocide that took place. Many people in our world today are aware that the Jewish race was a major target in the holocaust, but what about the others who played a role in persecution? Even though the Jewish population is known to be the main victims of persecution and gruesome murder under the Nazi regime, it is not much mentioned of the others who took part in genocide. According to the Holocaust Encyclopedia, during the era of the holocaust, German authorities also targeted other groups because of their perceived "racial inferiority" (“Introduction to the Holocaust”). From European Roma gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah’s witnesses, Africans, and even the disabled, any racial group that was looked down upon to the Nazis were well tortured and punished to execution. Nazis picked majority of their victims after coming into conclusion that they were “racially inferior” to them. The Nazi party believed that they were an enemy and threat to all of Europe. The nomadic gypsies for example, were viewed as foreigners because they were not of German blood. According to the website, many of the victims were also viewed as a threat in order to create, “the perfect race” for Europe (“Eugenics as Propaganda”). The Nazis were so focused on being “perfect” that it led to being prejudice and raciest towards the people that occupied Germany. At one point it came to even the elimination of the
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