Views on Teens Pregnancies Through the Years Essay

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The Views on Teens Pregnancies Through the Years
There are many different attributes to teenage pregnancy. The majority of teenagers do not realize the consequences of their actions. Taking that into consideration the influences of the teens are highly important during the pre teen stage all the way to adult hood. During the time of this impressionable stage many of the teens are having sex not because of love, but because it is a trend. The media is glamorizing teen pregnancy and leading to a cultural shift. Around the world teenage pregnancy has been an issue. Many of the teen mothers are between 15 and 19. There have been a variety of attempts to provide a decline in teenage pregnancy such as: abstinence groups, the Federal Government, …show more content…

Not only does the media influence young women, but their home life has huge impact too. Most children learn by watching an adult around them and there is their influence. Therefore the media is not the only one to blame for teenage pregnancy. There are many people and things that can be blamed, however, there is a root to the problem. Not only is it teenage pregnancy impacting teens; but it impacts everyone around them. In the United States taxpayers pay around $11 billion on teen pregnancies a year because of someone else's mistake("Editorial: Brings Blessings). In America there are many births in a year affecting many people around the nation. Since 1996 abstinence programs have collected over $1 billion in federal funding. Many people blame the abstinence programs for higher birth rates. People believe that teens should have sex education in order to protect them from teen pregnancy(Gulli 40). There goes more money from the government toward teenage pregnancy. It is believed that abstinence programs are not the solution to preventing teen pregnancy, however, people would like too see more sex education being taught to young impressionable kids. This show that the Christian view of abstinence is not the popular solution that people choose, but being educated and being taught about sex is a better approach. In todays society there has been a cultural shift in beliefs and morals. Many girls are having sex simply because of the words "I love

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