Vigil Strange I Kept On The Field One Night Analysis

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Marshall Singer
Mrs. King
American Literature and Writing
16 September 2016
Compare and Contrast Influential authors like Thomas Paine, Walt Whitman, and Tim O'Brien each write about what they think about war. Walt Whitman, Thomas Paine, and Tim O'Brien’s attitude, tone, and message have similar components but is also unique.
Thomas Paine gives off a strong attitude towards his enemy, setting the tone and sending a message. In common sense, Paine expresses his disgust and anger towards the government of Great Britain. “As a long and violent abuse of power, is generally the Means of calling the right of it in question…”(Paine 2). Outraged by his own government, Paine’s tone implies that the question of war must be introduced. He does this in a way that sends a message for everyone to understand and be aware. Thomas Paine has his very strong opinion about war, but Walt Whitman explains a different point of view during the Civil War.
Walt Whitman was an influential icon during the Civil War, his poems express his attitude, tone and message towards the war. In “Vigil Strange I kept on the Field One Night”, Whitman’s tone shows his sadness for the soldiers of war. “Vigil final for you brave boy,
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Having a Harvard degree he believes that he is too good to fight. He expresses his opinion with his attitude, tone and message. In the book On the Rainy River O’Brien expresses his thoughts about going to war. “At some point in mid-July I began thinking seriously about Canada. The border lay a few hundred miles north, and eight hour drive. Both my conscience and my instincts were telling me to make a break for it, just take off and run like hell and never stop” (O'Brien 173). Tim’s tone of anger shows he is against going to war, saying that he was close to making a break for Canada. Tim O’Brien’s writing expressed the thoughts people being drafted to war. Despite Tom’s hatred of the draft, Paine and Whitman carry one similar
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