Black Lives Matter Movement, And Violence In Protests

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Have you ever wondered if we digressed or progressed as a society? Or when protests became full blown riots? My paper will be talking about how we digressed and those issue’s.A few points i will be using is about police violence,the Black Lives Matter movement,and Violence in protests.Changing the way we react has been changed very slovenly like.
To start out one reason we digressed is we have come a long way from putting violence in protests. To support this claim is 11 police officers were shot during a protest in dallas. The protest was about police shooting the week before.The protest killed 4 officers and injured 7. When Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech he said “We must not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence.” (MLK) This Supports my claim because he is saying there shouldn't be any violence in these modern day protests but in reality there's a lot of violence.In recent news about south korea’s president being impeached sparked deadly protests killing 2 men according to CNN. This also points out that we are being very lackadaisical when trying to …show more content…

This movement focuses on Black police shootings, Black racism, and many more.But only Black problems not Chinese problems or even people problems but only black people problems.Now this movement isn't what you would call a very peaceful movement.This movement is full of violent protesters and activists. One example is the dallas protest shooting of police officers.The BLM activist killed 4 officers and injured 7.Now I get how they protest. it was peaceful even having officers taking pictures with the was a good way to protest but then it turned violent.this isn't the only problem with black lives matter. Another problem with black lives matter is 3 black lives matter activists beat up a homeless man during their

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