Visual Effects and Symbolism in "Citizen Kane" Essay

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"Citizen Kane" is one of the best critically acclaimed films of all time. It is everything a lot of the movies now a day only dream of being. This film is way ahead of it's time in all senses. It uses a non linear approach to the story telling, which is something we've been seeing a lot of recently but was rarely found in films from the forties. The visual and audio elements of this movie are also unbelievable. With all the technology we have now, it's hard to image how Welle's pulled it off in 1941. "Citizen Kane" is definitely a film that proves how a movie can be great with little to no technology available.

The visual aspects of this film are truly amazing. One of things that really caught my eye was the set of Xanadu. When Susan …show more content…

This is called a nonlinear story line, an approach many current filmmakers use, specifically Quinton Tarentino. I personally prefer a story told this way in a film. I feel that using this approach puts more emphasis on the plot and the main character. It enhances the storyline and is easier to follow the details that are important to some films. Using the nonlinear approach in "Citizen Kane" gives it a more unique story line and portrays Kane's life in a way that makes it easier to understand his struggles and emotions. I do not believe it makes it more difficult for an audience to follow as long as they are focusing on the movie. The problem with this type of storytelling approach is that if one doesn't pay close attention to the movie, one can miss out on a lot of important details in the movie. For example, at the beginning of this film, clues are given to the fact that "Rosebud" is the sleigh. If one isn't paying close attention to those little details, one would miss out on the clues given.

Most of the main characters in this film are funny and sort of like caricatures and at the same time realistic in their ideas and points of view. For example, Bernstein is the usual funny, sidekick, little man one would see in old movies. At the same time, many of the things he says and does are very important to the film and Kane's life in general. Susan was also the typical young innocent girl with a dream to be a singer. At

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