Volcano Called Mount Vesuvius Essay

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Mount Vesuvius is one of history’s most recognizable Volcanoes, as each of its eruptions have gone down as a significant event in geologic history. The events that transpired during and after these eruptions have shaped the way scientists and people view the sheer power that these volcanoes possessed. This report will take a look at Vesuvius’ most prolific eruption in 79 AD. The geologic setting of the mountain, precursor activity, and the impact the eruption had on the surrounding populations and towns will all be detailed. Along with these details, this report will also look at the further history of Vesuvius’s explosive past by detailing its eruption cycle. Finally, the current state of Vesuvius and the possible danger …show more content…

As the eruption wore on, it later produced a phase with red hot pyroclastic surges and flows, along with other volcanic material. This was referred to as the “Peléan” phase. These type of eruptions are known for the mentioned pyroclastic flows, along with hot mud surges. (Universe today) This phase was speculated to have begun during the latter part of the eruption, and is largely regarded as the main killer of most of the surrounding inhabitants. (Museum timeline)
2. Intial warning signs:
The signs of an impending eruption began to appear long before it actually occurred, the first major sign being earthquakes. Earthquakes are a common indicator of the possibility of rising magma, which is required to occur for a volcano to erupt. These Earthquakes were reportedly occurring as far back as 62 AD, as they continued sporadically all throughout the 17 year period leading up to the eruption. (History of Pompeii book) One such quake caught the attention of the residents of the region when it occurred in 63 AD. The quake was large and rocked the nearby towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum, doing extensive damage that would take years to repair. Due to the limited knowledge of geology at this time, Roman scholars were unable to make the connection between the earthquakes and the possible peril of a Mount Vesuvius eruption.(BBC) Some even argue that the people didn’t even know Vesuvius was a volcano. (Pompeii unplugged)

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