Volcano Laki Research Paper

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Volcano Laki In 1783, the volcano Laki erupted. It took place in Iceland, but it ended up killing almost two million people. The eruption of Laki changed history.
Laki is located in Europe. In Iceland, it is within the province Suðurland. The nearest town is Kirkjubæjarklaustur with a population of 160. This town is about 20 kilometers away. Laki’s coordinates are 64.0707 degrees North and 18.2378 degrees West. Even though Laki is at this location, it still had a big impact on the rest of the world.
Laki was formed from a hot spot which is where molten rock reaches into earth's crust. The volcano erupted with over 140 separate volcano vents. Laki is a shield volcano which is created entirely of lava, it is sloped, and large. Laki’s elevation

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