Voter Identification Legislation

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In the past decade, a total of 34 states have passed voter identification laws with the same guidelines from state to state. These laws require voters to show a proof of photo identification in order to be eligible to vote or receive a ballot at the voting polls. The initial purpose of the voter ID laws was to prevent voter fraud. However, the laws have made voting harder for some Americans, like minorities, women, students and elders by requiring a government issued photo ID. Many people assume that everyone should have a government issued photo ID or a driver license. This concept is irrational and untrue because there are still people in this wealthy country who cannot afford a good meal. According to Abranmsky (2013), "The current…show more content…
I know that some people might say the states can provide an identification card at free of charge, so the laws will not disenfranchise minorities, students, and people in poverty. However, this is not true. This solution would be a no-win situation for both sides in terms of money. Many citizens would find it hard to get an ID or even if it is free because in order to obtain a free identification, those people still would have to submit some sorts of required papers, like birth certificate, passport or naturalization paper to get a free ID. The cheapest option that is available would be a birth certificate, which would cost about $22. According to the Voting Right Institution, "The report concluded that if these 35 states enact a photo ID law, they collectively will spend at least $276 million, and possibly as much as $828 million, in the first four years alone." The States could have used that money to create more job opportunities and build more government senior housings. I agree with the argument that we can use our social security number to register to vote. However, giving away your 9-digit social security number is a very unsafe solution because the government is not motivated to protect your information effectively. You would also give a chance to the government invading your private lives because you are not supposed to give it to anyone beside your employer or IRS to track your

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