Wage Crisis By Michael Maher : Money, Power And The American Dream : Why Poverty?

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The future of work is a topic that many people don’t take the time to actually analyze and question as to what it will be like when the future actually comes. The films Wage Crisis by Michael Maher; Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream: Why Poverty? by Alex Gibney; and The Secret of Oz by Ben Still, are some of the films that highlight the future or work and the how the wages and economy are really affecting those who are looking for work and trying to work towards a common goal – achieving the American Dream. Throughout this review, these movies will be compared to the content that have been covered in the Future of Work class and discussed further in terms of how they can affect the economy for virtually the worst.
Wage Crisis.
The documentary Wage Crisis, produced by Michael Maher (2013), is a film about the falling of Wages across the United States of America with emphasis on the wages and living conditions in and around New Jersey. Throughout the film, it is shown that New Jersey is said to be “the third richest state in the richest country in the world, yet it’s [still] possible to work full-time here and live in poverty” (Maher, 2013, 1:56). This is shown through following the lives of various habitants living in New Jersey and other parts of the States trying to make a living. One American in which they follow is a woman by the name of Natasha Vukelic. Vukelic “graduated with top grades from a prestigious university and landed her dream job

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