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Situated just south of Tallahassee on the Gulf Coast is Florida’s own hidden treasure Wakulla. The area has an abundance of things to do including boating, fishing, snorkeling, golfing, attending festivals and other interesting events along with enjoying the unspoiled natural habit that exists in this unique area of Florida.
What Makes Wakulla a Must-See Location:
Perhaps the idea of going to a beach where commercialism has inundated the area is just not your idea of fun. The area might have once been pristine, but now it is overrun with tacky shops and tourist trap attractions. If you aren’t the kind of person who likes to vacation in a location where the natural habit has been carefully guarded and wildlife roams free, Wakulla is the place …show more content…

In fact, there are many enjoyable activities and fun places to visit, especially if you are a person who enjoys a bit of adventure. The following is a list of just a few of the many attributes of Wakulla you will most certainly enjoy:
Wakulla Beach:
This small beach located at the end of Wakulla Beach Road is far from the average white sandy beach. Wakulla Beach is part of the St. Marks National Refuge, which means this beautiful beach is surrounded by cabbage palms and salt marsh grass. It also features a gentle shoreline. This makes it a perfect location for launching small boats, canoes or kayaks.
Wakulla Springs:
One of most popular locations in Wakulla is its amazing crystal clear springs. It also just happens to be one of the deepest and longest freshwater springs in the world. The 69 degree waters are refreshing and rejuvenating, but the real adventurers will most enjoy a jump from the 22 foot dive/observation tower located at Wakulla Springs State Park. Those who aren’t quite so daring can relax in the shade of ancient cypress trees, which sit alongside the spring, or enjoy a pleasant swim in the cool

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