Walt Whitman: A Strong Minded and Anxious American Author Essay

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Walt Whitman was a very strong minded, and anxious American author, who accomplished goals and made a great impact on the world today. introduction:
The great life of Walt Whitman is still talked about today. He went from being a student, to a journalist, then an editor. He was very successful and thoughtful, and made many accomplishments during his 73 years of life. BODY:
1. Walt Whitman didn’t have a terrible life, but it wasn’t perfect.(Walt Whitman.” Encyclopedia Brittanica. Encyclopedia Brittanica online edition. Encyclopedia Brittanica inc. 2012. Web.13 Nov. …show more content…

He was proud of the way he stayed confident, and focused while editing the paper. Walt made it very clear for the readers to understand. Walt’s brother read one of his articles, and next time he wrote Walt, he let him know that he was proud of him for achieving his lifetime goal, and that he wanted to see him soon. On the day that Walt heard that his brother was wounded at war, he traveled up to Fredricksburg, and stayed in a camp about 2 mile away from the base. ( Walt Whitman.” Encyclopedia Brittanica. Encyclopedia Brittanica Academic online edition. Encyclopedia Brittanica inc, 2012. Web.13 Nov.2013 <http:// / Eb checked/topic/642866> ) He spent his spare time visiting the wounded and dying soldiers. Walt stayed there until he saw that his brother was doing better, then he returned to Brooklyn and received good news; Whitman had got a promotion, this was January of 1865 but in June he was dismissed because the secretary of the interior thought that “The leaves of grass” was indecent. That same year, he entitled a poem called “Drum Tops”, the sequel of this poem contained his great elegy on president Abraham Lincoln. Walt greatly admired Abe’s work. He held the theory that the chief function of the poet personality in his verse.

3. He remained a poet for as long as he could.
Walt was one of the oldest poets there was at the time. He started at an early age, and never gave up. He had been getting sick, but he always

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