War And Mistreatment

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Wars, bullying, and mistreatment have been held all throughout history and they still happen every day. Wars may not seem as common as they were in the past but they still happen. The things happening in the world are very damaging, and it would take an effort of everyone to fix it. Though this may seem to be impossible to happen as it is hard to change the behavior of people there is a slight possibility of it happening. If mankind was able to support everyone’s beliefs and respect everyone’s opinion wars may not happen. There has also been a lot of mistreatment of people throughout history as well; slavery takes a big part in this as it was a very controversial subject. This is quite a lot to ask for and it would require intense effort to …show more content…

The ones who had to live through this truly suffered not only did they have to live in the constant fear of being caught and sent to concentration camps, but they also had to hide themselves from the outside world for their own protection. The worst part about this is that if one was not able to afford a place to hide, they are taken to a concentration camp to die a painful death. It can be seen what the people had to go through during that time and it truly causes a great form of sorrow.
WWII was truly a depressing time in history. When thinking about this it brings out true emotion towards the people who had to suffer through this. Seeing how the Nazis treated the Jews really shows mistreatment. The Jews that were taken into concentration camps were treated horribly. They were either forced to work to death or died of disease. Whichever way it was they were both horrid. When the Nazis put them in concentration camps they didn’t care for them whatsoever, they left them there to die in whatever way came first. WWII or the Holocaust was a horrid time and people were treated …show more content…

Sadly this has been going on for years. People have been judged by their racial background and how they look. It is very sad to realize that this is still going on in the world today. There have been laws placed to prevent racial discrimination to happen in some accounts such as employment and public causes. Though there are laws preventing this act in some cases it can still be done and it is done. People have opinions and people are racist, so they do these kinds of things. As much we want to prevent this it is almost impossible as one cannot change the behavior of mankind, but people are able to change their own behavior which can help prevent mistreatment. Slavery is a huge aspect of mistreatment. Thankfully slavery is illegal in every country now. Though it is said to be illegal small acts of it still happens today. Slavery is not like before where one person owns another person, but, forced labor. In the past slaves were owned by people and forced into labor, they were also able to be bought by others. Today slaves are still forced into labor this typically occurs as a form of paying off debt. Whether its slavery in the form of one owning another or slavery in the form of forced labor they are both brutal acts of

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