War Photography Effects On Society

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The introduction of the new medium of photography to the world has played a tremendous role in our lives. During the times of war, photography allowed us to capture important events we’ve known or heard about but hadn’t quite become a reality to us yet. When we can’t see something for ourselves, it’s hard to truly grasp and understand or even believe what is actually happening. We are affected differently when we are actually able to visualize something we could previously only imagine in our minds. Because of photography, we were able to really see war’s toll of death and destruction and it provided us with that validation we were searching for. These events suddenly became something much more real to us. It made us realize how serious and dangerous war really is. It gave us a new understanding and awareness of what was and still is taking place in our world. Photography has greatly changed our perception of the reality and realness of war over the years. …show more content…

We had never seen images surrounding war at the time so it was completely new to us. It affected us greatly and opened up our eyes to the truth. But it didn’t stop there. The development of photography throughout time was constantly changing. Because of that, photography functioned differently in various wars and conflicts. As it was advancing, photographers were able to do more than they were able to do previously. Images captured in earlier battles differed from images captured in more recent battles at the time not only in technique, but in purpose as well. Because of that, our perception of war changes a little more every time we come across a photograph of something we’ve never seen before. The more photography evolves, the more it has an influence on

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