War for all the Wrong Reasons Essay

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War for all the Wrong Reasons

Why might the United States start a war with Iraq? Would this war be fought for legitimate causes or are there alternative reasons behind the war that the vast majority of the public are not aware of? These are a few questions that coincide with the questionable intensions of the Bush administration. The public of America can be swayed to support the war on Iraq because the government has control over the media, but with a little research it is not hard to find many reasons why a war on Iraq would be fought for all the wrong reasons.

To fully understand why there should be no war, it is vital to know the history of U.S.-Iraq relations. The U.S. has been involved with Iraq since its beginning. Iraq came …show more content…

At this time, Britain and the U.S. were in fierce competition for global economic control. In 1958, Iraq had a revolution and overthrew the king put in place by Britain because the people were living in extreme poverty. The U.S. sought to overturn this revolution, but decided only to contain it to Iraq because the risks were too great. Iraq had support by China and the Soviet Union. The U.S. had no choice but to accept the existence of Iraq as an independent state. Over the followed decades, the U.S. tried to weaken Iraq in many ways. The U.S. gave massive military support to right-wing Kurds fighting Baghdad and added Iraq to its list of "terrorist states." In the 1980s, the U.S. encouraged and helped to fund and arm Iraq in its war against Iran. U.S. domination of the Iran was ended by Iran's Islamic revolution in 1979. In reality, the U.S. aim in the Iran-Iraq war was to weaken and destroy both countries. Henry Kissinger revealed the real U.S. attitude about the war when he was quoted saying "I hope they kill each other." The Pentagon provided Iraq's air force with satellite photos of Iranian targets. At the same time, as the Iran-Contra scandal revealed, the U.S. was sending anti-aircraft missiles to Iran. Next, the U.S. started the Gulf War which is familiar to all. The results of the Gulf War still plague the Iraqi people. The

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